"Making a difference in practice means listening to what those doing the work and those affected by the work have to say."

Jim Dearing, PhD


"Traditional lecture-based education formats have generally not been demonstrated to lead to improvements in processes or outcomes of healthcare.  However, multi-faceted, multimodal, interactive, and iterative methods of Continuing Professional Development (education) of physicians and other healthcare providers has been shown to contribute to improved healthcare outcomes.  With in-house expertise, CHEDIR is well positioned to take advantage of the alignment of evidence-based and adult learning principles with elements of successful diffusion of innovation and organizational improvement strategies in developing and evaluating methods of translating evidence into sustainable practice."  -David Price, MD


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´╗┐Center for Research in Implementation Science and Prevention (CRISP)D&I Workshop Training Materials Now Available

The CRISP website now offers links to the Dissemination and Implementation in Health Training Guide and Workbook and to the Canvas wesite with videos, presentations, and other resources from the October 2013 workshop.

Please visit www.ucdenver.edu/implementation/workshops to access these materials. ´╗┐

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